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Hi! My name is Amanda. I have been a NICU nurse since 2009 and love everything about neonatal nursing.

I am currently a Clinical Nurse Specialist in a Level IV NICU in Los Angeles.

I am passionate about educating the next generation of NICU nurses. I share my knowledge through platforms such as Instagram and Facebook and am excited to have you here on my website!

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Live from NANN 2023

September 26, 20233 min read

Regardless of your title, your unique perspective is a valuable asset. We all have a wealth of knowledge to contribute to our NICU community, knowledge that can benefit others."

Hi! This week I'm attending the 2023 NANN Conference

In the ever-evolving world of healthcare, one thing has remained constant in my life: my role as a "forever student." I simply adore attending conferences. There's a certain magic in the air when you have the opportunity to learn from fellow nurses and medical professionals, not just from your local community, but from across the nation and around the globe. And let's not forget the thrill of rekindling old friendships and forging new ones – networking at its finest!


As NICU nurses, our common thread is a profound love for the most fragile and precious babies and their families. We unite with a shared mission: to provide the best possible care. There's an undeniable energy when we come together with this collective goal, an energy that can move mountains.

Have you ever considered stepping up to the plate and submitting to one of these conferences? I'll be honest; the first time the idea was floated to me, I was awash with self-doubt. I thought, "Could I possibly have enough knowledge to offer? After all, I'm just a bedside nurse!" But here's the kicker – I was unequivocally wrong. I had insights and experiences worth sharing, and so do you!

Regardless of your title – whether you're a bedside nurse, a student nurse, a nurse leader, or something else entirely – your unique perspective is a valuable asset. We all have a wealth of knowledge to contribute to our NICU community, knowledge that can benefit others.

Isn't it amusing how life often comes full circle? My inaugural conference submission was to my hospital's nursing research conference. Our NICU was grappling with a certification rate lower than we aspired to achieve. In response, I initiated a study group and even dabbled in the virtual realm (back in 2015, mind you, well before Zoom became a household name!). The result was nothing short of phenomenal – an increasing number of nurses passing their certification course. Fast forward eight-plus years, and our NICU now boasts over 80% certified nurses! Cue the confetti!!

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Since that pivotal moment, I've made it a point to submit to at least one conference every year. My topics have ranged far and wide, from tackling diaper dermatitis and confronting implicit bias, identifying safety threats through simulation, to exploring the joys of reading in the NICU and crafting a golden hour bundle. The knowledge and growth I've experienced through these opportunities have been utterly transformative. My advice to you? Take the plunge!

Is there a project or clinical passion you've been nurturing? Perhaps there's an area where you shine exceptionally bright? I implore you to consider sharing your wisdom and insights by submitting to a conference. Across the country, numerous neonatal conferences are called, offering you a remarkable platform to contribute to the nursing community.

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What's even more exciting is that my initial passion project has now come full circle. This month, I unveiled my digital NICU Certification Course, and I couldn't be more thrilled about the opportunity to support nurses from every corner of the map. This course allows me to stand alongside you as you prepare for the exam, whether it's a leisurely Saturday morning coffee session or a late-night study session with my fellow night owls. If you're gearing up for the NICU certification exam or simply seeking a refresher, check out my certification course through the link below. And don't miss the early access offer, with a generous $50 discount, available until the end of September 2023.

I'm genuinely excited about the prospect of meeting some of you in Anaheim – we're up for an incredible journey together!

Stay inspired,

Amanda xoxo

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December 2023

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NICU Certification REVIEW

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I'm a NICU nurse, Clinical Nurse Specialist, NICU Educator... basically your NICU BFF. If you want to talk NICU, I'm here for you! I love everything about NICU nursing and I'm eager to learn and share my knowledge with all my NICU friends.

Frequently Asked Questions About the RNC-NIC exam

What is the RNC-NIC?

The RNC-NIC is a competency-based exam that tests the specialty knowledge of nurses in the United States & Canada who care for critically ill newborns and their families.

The RNC-NICU is a nationally recognized certification that recognizes the registered nurse for their specialty knowledge and skill.

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Who can take the RNC-NIC exam?

Nurses can take this exam after a minimum of two years experience in the NICU caring for critically ill newborns and their families.

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Which books should I use?

I'm glad you asked! There are many excellent books to help you prepare for the RNC-NIC, I gathered ande describe each of them for you in my FREE e-book.

Is there a course to help me study?

Yes! Many hospitals host their own certification course and there are a few online courses. See my RNC-NIC test taking tips E Book for more information

What happens if I don't pass the exam?

If you don't pass the exam on your first try you can try again after 90 days. You will have to reapply after 90 days and pay a retest fee. There is no limit to the number of times you can take the exam (however a candidate can only sit for the exam twice per year).

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Can I make more money if I take the RNC-NIC exam and get certified?

Yes! Many hospitals provide a raise or a bonus for nurses with specialty certifications. Hospitals also typically hire at a higher base salary when nurses have a certification.

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